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As with all biomes, excluding the Mushroom Island Biome , it is capable of naturally spawning hostile mobs. There are no exclusive mobs to the Mega Taiga, and peaceful mobs will occasionally spawn from time to time.

The love story starts from Mega is having his jogging and enters into a Temple. While outside the Temple, Mega spots a beautiful girl (Santha). This is his first sight on her. The story continues where they accidentally meet up again in a different place. The film flows on in different scenes where they will duet in old styles like cycling on bicycles and running around trees (Very very genuine Bollywood style right?). Lol.
Then it tracks down to another scene with latest style song. Then a scene on the beach. Then another short and fast song with dancing at clubbing. Finally they have their splendid and wonderful wedding….... And the ending part is the tying of the mangalsutra “thali” at temple….

Mega Mind - Temple Of BoomMega Mind - Temple Of BoomMega Mind - Temple Of BoomMega Mind - Temple Of Boom